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Important Legal Notice

Terms and Conditions to use this Website

1. Purpose of this web

The present general use conditions of the services offered in the URL, (from here on known as web), are endorsed by TELDAT, S.A. (from here on known as TELDAT), and accepted by the User.

TELDAT is the owner of the said URL, and the registered office address is Parque Tecnológico de Madrid, C/ Isaac Newton, nº 10, 28760, Tres Cantos (Madrid), with C.I.F. nº (registered nº) A28877579, registered in the Registro Mecantil de Madrid (Commerce Register), Volume 2, General 116, section 3 of the Libro de Sociedades (Companies/Societies Book), Folio 132, Page nº 61.366-2, Inscription 1º Telephone number 91 807 65 65 and electronic mail address: support(at)

TELDAT is a commercial enterprise whose principal activity consists of designing, manufacturing and marketing, under their own name or through third parties, of communication and electronic elements and equipment, as well as both importing and exporting of the same, to and from the Spanish market and other equivalent operations within other countries promoting investigation and the corresponding marketing of the products and complying within this development with all the legal formalities.

TELDAT permits the USERS to access and use the various services and contents available to the USER, information and data (from here on Contents) through their web, which can be provided both by TELDAT as well as third party legal and natural persons.

Access to the TELDAT website is free, with the exception of contracted services which are controlled by specific conditions established in the web page.

USERS accessing the TELDAT web acknowledge and accept the general conditions hereby given for each of the releases that the web offers and the modifications executed over these. The users should periodically access the rules and regulations to view any changes.

2. Accessing the web

Access to the TELDAT web by visitors or users does not imply any responsibility nor guarantees from TELDAT.

To access the web, the USERS must have access to the Internet Network, pay the corresponding fees for access and connection and have the necessary equipment and information systems to execute connection to the Network including a Terminal to this effect (PC, telephone, etc) and a modem or another similar access device. TELDAT assumes no responsibility at any time for the correct running of these devices nor the conditions and rights of use or licences required for this said use.

To correctly access and use determined Portal contents and services, users may need to download determined PC programs or other logical elements in their information equipment. This said installation is carried out entirely at the USERS risk and responsibility, TELDAT assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for anything that could derive from this.

TELDAT reserves the right to suspend and cancel the access, and to modify, limit or cancel all or any of the terms and conditions applicable to the website, effecting a warning through a pop up window which will automatically open on accessing the page. The quality and speed at which the web is accessed is not the responsibility of TELDAT, users being unable to claim any indemnification whatsoever for damages.

The service provided by TELDAT through their web is for an undetermined time, and can cease at any given moment without cause, justified motive and without prior notice.

TELDAT will not be liable or accept any responsibility for any abnormality, malfunctions, deterioration, deletion of data or software that may occur in the users equipment or systems as a direct or indirect consequence of accessing or attempting to access the TELDAT website.

3. Contents

Languages used by TELDAT for their web page are Spanish (Castilian) and English, without excepting the use of other languages both national as well as autonomous, without prior notice. TELDAT is not responsible or liable for the lack of comprehension or understanding by the user of the language used on this website nor for the consequences.

TELDAT has the right to modify the contents of this website, without prior notice, as well as to suppress and change these at any time. TELDAT shall not be liable for any consequences arising from this which may affect the users.

The totality of this website: text, images, trademarks, graphics, logos, buttons, software files, color combinations, as well as the structure, selection, ordination and presentation of these contents are protected by laws governing Industrial and Intellectual Property.

Thus, all the industrial and Intellectual property rights in this website pertain to TELDAT, and in certain cases to third parties, together with all the contents that this covers. Any use of this website or its contents must be strictly and exclusively individual and personal. Any other use including copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar actions on all or part of the contents of this website is the exclusive and sole right of TELDAT, users are expressly prohibited from carrying out any of these actions without the prior written consent of TELDAT or of a third party proprietor for the rights to Intellectual and / or Industrial Property.

Users and visitors to this website are expressly prohibited from using in part or in totality, the contents herein to promote, sell, contract or reveal publicity or proprietor information of that of third parties without the authorization of TELDAT, nor remit publicity or information using the services or information available to the users, independently of whether this said use is free or not.

Users and visitors to this website are prohibited from using either the commercial names or trademarks or any other identifying symbols found here that are subject to the rights of Industrial or Intellectual Property, without the express prior written permission of the proprietor.

Links or hyperlinks incorporating addresses to this website cannot manifest, either directly or indirectly, false, inexact or confusing indications and can only access the pages, being expressly prohibited to copy or reproduce part or all of the said pages, nor to incur any false, illicit or illegal actions against TELDAT such as execute any affirmation or action that could lead to confusing or misleading any person who has accessed the web though a hyperlink. Hyperlinks to the web cannot be included which are not exclusively and solely limited to accessing the main page or the home page; the TELDAT website (frames) cannot be reproduced in whole or in part in any other web page or the hyperlinks accessible through the same.

It is expressly prohibited for any user to carry out any action which impedes or complicates access to this website, as well as the hyperlinks to third party services and contents offered in this website and specifically, the use of TELDAT as a meta tag or to use it in any way, to bring users to other webs distinct from the TELDAT web or hinder or discourage the use of this site.

TELDAT assumes no liability for the reliability and speed of the hyperlinks incorporated on their website to other webs. TELDAT does not guarantee the usefulness of the web with respect to their links to other webs, nor assume any liability for the contents or services which a user may access using the said links, nor for the state of these.

TELDAT cannot be held responsible for any viruses or other information programs that deteriorate or that may deteriorate systems or information equipment pertaining to the users who access the TELDAT web or other sites through the TELDAT website links.

4. Web Users

Users accessing the TELDAT web, must do so in complete conformance with the Law, morally, ethically, correctly and maintain public order and are strictly prohibited from access the web and the contents therein in any way that contradicts that established and/or for illicit purposes, contravene the rights and freedom of third parties or that may damage, deteriorate, saturate or slow the web, causing any damage to TELDAT or to third party users. Users are expressly prohibited from copying, distributing, broadcasting, transforming, modifying or manipulating any of the contents found on the TELDAT web site.

The TELDAT web does not contain products or services available to the users where the said users or visitors can introduce any type of content or information such as groups of events or news, Chat, personal webs or similar. Notwithstanding, TELDAT does have an electronic mail service available in their web for users to use for the purpose of contacting TELDAT and where the users are obligated to use the said electronic mail service complying with the law, the terms and conditions implied and public order. The users, in using the products and services, where the said users provide information or content, do not contravene the public fundamental rights and liberties, do not incite or promote manifestations or acts of crime, xenophobe, terrorism or degradation for motives of sex, race, religion, beliefs, nor divulge pornographic contents or services nor make any kind of apology for violence.

Users accessing the contents of the web, do so under their sole responsibility and cannot hold TELDAT liable or responsible for any consequence directly or indirectly derived from accessing the web, where this is physical, logical, moral or personal. TELDAT reserves the right to hold those users legally responsible who, by using the web incorrectly, cause damages and injuries to third parties, as well as possible viruses or information programs that may be introduced, generate and lodge in the web and deteriorate or may deteriorate both the contents as well as the functionality of this; including the equipment, systems and programs of the website users and visitors.

TELDAT may countersue users regarding all demands, indemnifications, administrative fines and sanctions brought against TELDAT and which are the direct or indirect responsibility of the user who introduced some content or used a web service without taking the necessary precautions.

All users who know of an act or event which is deteriorating or may deteriorate the running of the TELDAT website, or that modifies or alters the content of this should communicate the said situation to TELDAT.

TELDAT reserves the right to use cookies whenever the website is used. Nonetheless, TELDAT will inform the USERS of the possibility to disable this use in the information terminal.

Both the USER and TELDAT are obligated to make use of the Services complying with the Unauthorized Publicity Policy and specifically compromise

  • Not to send unsolicited electronic messages or communications.
  • In the supposition of TELDAT sending publicity to the USERS, that this is sent clearly stating the word “publicity” to avoid any errors or misunderstandings.

USERS prejudiced by the reception of unsolicited messages addressed to multiple persons may communicate this to TELDAT, by sending a message to the following electronic mail address

5. Children and Privacy

Underage persons must request and obtain the permission of their parents, tutor or legal guardian before accessing the services and/or contents incorporated in the web. It is expressly prohibited for those people underage to access and use the portal without prior authorization.

TELDAT informs the users of this website that there exist information programs that filter and block access to determined contents and services so the parents, for example, can decide which web contents and services their children may have access to and prevent them from accessing those they consider unsuitable.

6. Privacy Policy

Users accessing the TELDAT web and who wish to obtain information on the TELDAT web privacy policy, may obtain that information by visiting the Privacy Policy that TELDAT has established for that purpose on this website.

7. Force Majeure

The above terms and conditions are subject to the current Spanish legislation. Any type of controversy derived from the use of the services offered or from the contents of the web, the parties, with the acceptation of these Conditions, will be submitted to the Tribunals and Courts of la Villa de Madrid (Spain).

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