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Privacy Policy Personal Data Protection

TELDAT S.A., wishes to inform their all visitors to or users, clients and subscribers of their policies involving personal data protection and management for those persons who voluntarily use the order forms or contact emails to contract or contact TELDAT S.A. Any of the services offered on our web implies communicating personal data to TELDAT S.A.

1. File responsibility identification

TELDAT S.A. C.I.F. (Registration Number) nº A-28877579, registered in the Registro Mercantil de Madrid (Madrid Trading Registrar): nº2, Volume 125, General 116, Libro de Sociedades (Registrar of Companies) Section 3, Folio 132, Page nº 61.366-2, Inscription 1, informs the users, clients and/or subscribers to their website the existence of an automated personal data file known as Clients and a second file known as Subscribers, the responsibility of which pertains to TELDAT S.A., headquarters address Parque Tecnológico de Madrid, C/ Isaac Newton, nº 10, Postal Code 28760, Tres Cantos, Spain, where personal data that the user, client and/or subscriber communicate to TELDAT S.A., is collected and stored.

2. Policy Updating

TELDAT S.A. reserves the right to change the privacy policy rules and regulations at their discretion and when necessary to comply with any legislative, regulative, federal, state or local law changes or with the aim to adapt the said policy to the rules laid down by the Data Protection Agency and the legitimate objective of TELDAT S.A. Any modifications made to this policy notwithstanding the above, will be made available by posting a notice on the TELDAT S.A. website and in the policy itself. Given the above, TELDAT S.A. therefore strongly recommends that all users of this site periodically read the said policies with regard to any changes which may be effected.

3. Purpose of the File

The communication of personal data by the user to TELDAT S.A., through their website can only be understood as taking place when the said user voluntarily user the order form service in order to contact TELDAT S.A., or contact emails, given that in these cases the processing of the said data is inevitable and implicit to the contraction or contact system. For these cases and that depicted in the following section, the entity, informs the client and/or subscriber that the processing of the data is carried out with the following purposes: To carry out all transactions related to producing estimates, contracts and the provision of services from TELDAT S.A., as well as the sending of subscriptions selected by the user to the company to which this pertains or in the instance to the interested party requesting this, as well as attending and responding to received communications and the maintenance of commercial associated history.

4. Acquiescence

TELDAT S.A., wishes to make known that this privacy policy contains all the aspects related to the processing of personal data that TELDAT S.A. carries out as the responsible party. TELDAT S.A. therefore notifies that when the user does not have a commercial relationship with TELDAT S.A., and sends an electronic mail or any other type of communication to TELDAT S.A., indicating other personal data, the said users thereby freely, unequivocally, specifically, informed and expressly give their consent for their personal data to be processed by TELDAT S.A., consistent with the previously established purposes as well as to respond to their communications or to send documentation.

To the same effect, TELDAT S.A. notifies that if the client and/or subscriber send an email or communicate with TELDAT S.A., their personal data as regards the position they may occupy in a company – be this administrator, manager, representative and/or any other position as the contact person within the company -, that the above cited persons understand that the said communication gives their free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent to procession of their personal data by TELDAT S.A., consistent with the previously established purposes as well as to respond to their communications or to send documentation.

5. Identification of addressees regarding those that TELDAT, S.A. may provide cession or data access to third parties.

TELDAT S.A. only anticipates carrying out data communications or disclosure to comply with article 11.2.c of the Ley Orgánica 15/99 (Royal Decree) for the protection of personal data (henceforth known as LOPD) which must be carried out to comply with their obligations to the Government in cases where this is required by current legislation covering any topic at any time and equally in compliance with other bodies such as Judges, the Public Prosecutor, Tribunals, Court of Auditors or Ombudsman.

Likewise TELDAT S.A. will inform the user, of any other data disclosure that must be executed, when set down by the LOPD, the user will be informed expressly, precisely and unequivocally the destination(s) of the information, the purpose the data will be used for and the nature of the disclosed data, or in cases, when the LOPD establishes this, unequivocal and specific consent will be requested from the user.

Notwithstanding, TELDAT S.A. will inform the user and client any processing of personal data, subject to current legislation in Spain regarding personal data protection, established by the LOPD and their complementary and unfolding norms. Under these terms, TELDAT S.A. is only responsible for and guarantees personal data confidentiality requested from the user through their website, with no other type of responsibility regarding subsequent processing and use of personal data that may be effected by third party Internet Service providers who can access such data in order to deliver services or to exercise their business activity.

Third party Internet Service Providers is understood to mean – but not limited to – those legal and natural persons who provide the following services: a) Transmission of data issued by the end users of the service over a communication network. b) Access services to the aforementioned network. c) Data storage or saving services. d) Supplying of contents or information. Likewise TELDAT S.A. is not responsible for and cannot be held responsible for data processing carried out by third parties who establish hyperlinks with TELDAT S.A. nor are responsible to those who through TELDAT S.A. hyperlinks, remit to their visitors.

6. Quality of Data

TELDAT S.A. forewarns the user that, with the exception of the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user may use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, therefore the user must bear in mind at all times that, the user can only include personal data corresponding to his own identity and the said data must be adequate, pertinent, current, precise and true. To this effect, the user will be the only person responsible regarding any direct and/or indirect damage caused to third parties or to TELDAT S.A. when using personal data pertaining to another person or that the user’s personal data is false, erroneous, not current, inadequate or impudent. Likewise, the user who uses personal data pertaining to a third person will have to answer to this under the act of information obligations established in article 5.4 of the LOPD for situations where personal data has not been requested from the third person themselves and/or the consequences of the said third person not being informed.

7. Exercising the rights of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation of data.

TELDAT S.A. hereby informs the users of the possibility to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by a written request addressed to TELDAT S.A. at the following address: Parque Tecnológico de Madrid, C/ Isaac Newton, nº 10, CP 28760 de Tres Cantos , Madrid, Spain

8. Use of forms to collect personal data by TELDAT, S.A.

TELDAT S.A. includes a legend in the data gathering formula, where all the conditions for processing personal data are indicated complying with article 5 of the LOPD, such as the obligatory or optional characters of the responses to the questions given, the consequences of obtaining data or the negation to distribute it, the purposes of collecting the data, the possible cessions carried out and the consent for the treating of personal data to be carried out.

9. Security measures adopted related to the treatment and use of personal data.

TELDAT S.A. informs the users that in compliance with that given in the LOPD and the Security Measure Regulations, TELDAT has adopted the necessary technical characteristics and organization in order to guarantee the security of personal data and to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, bearing in mind the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks this might be exposed to. Likewise, TELDAT S.A. guarantees to comply with the obligation of professional secrecy with respect to user personal data and the obligation of maintaining the said data safe.

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11. Cookies policy

This website, like the most of websites in the world wide web, use cookies to enhance the user experience. Next you will find more information about what the cookies are, what kind of cookies use this website, how you could disable cookies in your browser and how to disable the instalation of cookies for third party partners.

What the cookies are?

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Why the cookies are so importants?

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