Cloud Net Manager Visualizer

Cloud Net Manager Visualizer

Analizes the network and offers traffic visibility at the application layer

In the everyday more competitive world, enterprises and organizations require the means to ensure access to information as quickly as possible, either to get ahead of competitors or to maintain internal efficiency. On the other hand, much of the activity from companies and organizations tends to move to remote offices, so that the communications network becomes a key asset for success and fast and efficient monitoring and diagnosis tools are required, able to answer questions such as:

• What is the applications distribution on the network?

• How are the applications affecting the network and other applications performance?

• Can I prioritize critical applications versus other ones?

• Why are the users experiencing a temporal failure/slowness of an application or entire access?

• Can I determine how a new application will impact on existing ones?

• Are my links saturated, oversized, congested?

• What is the actual performance of my links?

• What is the general user experience?

CNM Visualizer is a network analysis tool integrated into CNM (Cloud Net Manager) Teldat management platform. It receives traffic data from Teldat devices by means of standard Netflow/IPFIX protocol and feature a deep analysis of the Wide Area Network, performing at application level. Traditional analysis based on level 3/4 is no longer sufficient in today’s networks, since the applications nowadays are mostly using http (http/https) as transport and level 7 analysis is necessary to identify the right application.

CNM Visualizer SaaS is running over Google Cloud, based on Kubernetes, which provides a high scalable and reliable solution to our customers. The software is divided in functional blocks and each block runs in a separate container, so it's possible to individually scale or update a functional block. Additionally, it's easy to include new capabilities, so it guarantees the evolution of the platform. 

Key Features

    Integrated into Teldat Management platform Cloud Net Manager (CNM)

  • CNM Visualizer is a module inside Cloud Net Manager (CNM), leveraging database unification for network definition, management, provisioning and visibility
  • With or without server

  • Two different approaches can be chosen: Software-as-aService (SaaS) which is more suitable for small roll-outs because the cost savings on central process, or hosting the virtualized server in your own DC (On-Premises).
  • Continuous Infrastructure monitoring

  • To guarantee the availability of the solution, Teldat is continuosly monitoring the Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Traffic encryption

  • The Netflow/IPFIX traffic between the devices and the collector is encrypted using TCP/TLS.
  • Outstanding dashboards

  • Impressive dashboards that users can build in seconds in a simple and intuitive but powerful way, selecting which information show and how it must be filtered.
  • Comprehensive monitoring

  • It doesn’t matter if analysis is required on a particular access, site or the whole network. It is always easy to get data evolution in a given time interval, comparing with other time intervals, to get heat maps, cake distribution, performance metering, ... and, at the same time, results are filtered and sorted by any key, such as remote site and interface, IP addresses, autonomous systems, session, protocol, ports, flags, http domain, L7 application or geolocation data.
  • http/https analysis and monitoring

  • Today, more than 90% of the internet traffic is http/ https, whether browsing sessions or applications that increasingly use such transport, so the analysis of that traffic is key. CNM Visualizer identifies each http/https session and decode level 7 data, in order to sort or filter by destination domain / application used, even if the communication is encrypted with https.
  • Useful as a troubleshooting tool

  • If the event of an anomalous condition in the network causing bad user experience, it is possible to go back and get a deep analysis of what happened, to find the root causes of the problem. All the information is securely stored in Google Cloud Storage.
  • Multitenant

  • Every customer, department or network can have an isolated instance, for a more appropriate management in any case. Visualizer is following the same user hierarchy as Cloud NetManager.
  • Reporting

  • Create engaging reports including the information you want and let the system work for you. You will have in your email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis the reports you have requested.
  • Proactivity based on programable alerts

  • Detect and solve any issue before any user impact. Alarms allow you to receive information about network anomalies in your email (traffic volume from a country / address / application, prohibited application, possible viruses or attacks, … ), even before users experiencing any impact.
  • Standards based

  • Analytic information from the network is collected by means of Netflow protocol v9 and IPFIX, expanding network knowledge up to application level for http/https sessions, including requested domain, URL or navigator used.
  • Scalable

  • Whether SaaS or On-Premises, the system scales according your network requirements, simply adding servers to the cluster.
  • Device identification

  • The serial number and the Digital Verification Code (DVC) are used to identify the device in Teldat Visualizer, guaranteeing that not malicious devices are connected to the platform.

Network Analytics Options

Depending of display mode

• Time interval distribution.

• Compared time interval distribution (hours, days, weels, months).

• Quantitative distribution in a time interval.

• Geolocation data.

• Detailed session information in a time interval.

• Cross-parameter information in a time interval.

Depending of traffic parameters

Depending on any of the following parameters it is possible to filter and sort the information (in ascending, descending or both) by:

• Branch / Remote site

• Interface

• Local address/networks

• Remote address/networks

• Type Of Service (TOS)

• Sessions by address/networks local/remote

• Protocols • TCP/UDP ports

• TCP flags

• http/https domain

• http/https level 2 domain

• http/https level 2 referer

• IP version (4/6)

• Autonomous Systems

• Local/Remote geolocation

• Other administrative parameters of branch / remote site

CNM Visualizer is the ultimate tool that allows you to really SEE what is happening in your network, working for you and getting ahead of anomalous situations, so that you can focus in more relevant activities.

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