Teldat Hotspot by WiFiGo

Teldat HotSpot by WiFiGo

The ultimate solution for your company’s WLAN network access control and user management

As demand for Internet access increases on the part of employees, visitors and the general public, companies and organizations are increasingly seeking easier ways to provide access services to users of differing profiles and technical requirements:

Teldat HotSpot by WiFiGo is the solution that offers all of these services. Guaranteed flexibility, ease of use, security and value-added features ensure your guests and corporate users can easily and safely connect to your Wi-Fi.


Global product overview.

Teldat HotSpot is a network access control system that provides companies with an excellent tool for interacting with users whenever they connect to a network through a captive portal.

This solution, integrated with Teldat routers and access points, offers professional services to facilitate wireless connectivity management.

Configuring captive portal widgets.

Portal configuration.

Monitoring connected users.

Solution Features

  • Two operating modes: as a virtual appliance at the customer’s premises (under development) or as a cloud service.
  • Easy access to the administration environment through a browser (HTTP/HTTPS) from anywhere in the network.
  • Customizable user presentation page and redirection to the chosen customer’s website.
  • Possibility of integration with client CRM through REST API.
  • Corporate ad injection.
  • Support for multiple user registration options.
  • Mass access ticket generation with the option of printing connection data on the ticket.
  • Social media login: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter y LinkedIn.
  • Real-time monitoring statistics (connected users, average usage, connection time, etc.).
  • Loyalty metrics, Top users, Top day of the week, Top operating systems, and Top devices with the most downloads, etc.
  • Supported languages: Spanish and English.
  • Detailed customised reports on guest management, user access, usage and multiple data combinations.
  • Groups of wireless access point with different presentation pages.

Key Features

    Simple web management interface

  • Local/remote access to the tool through a graphical user interface (GUI), thus allowing for easy setup and administration. All you need to manage the service is a web browser and an administration account.
  • Fully customizable captive portal

  • Easy to set up and design login page. The background, logo and access method offered to users can be changed. Multimedia content, space for advertising and messages. A preview option lets you see how it will look.
  • Multiple user registration options

  • Possibility of different user access methods, where the information requested depends on the type of authentication: with or without user credentials, email or SMS-based self-registration, social media access, etc. Redirection rules can be configured to redirect users to a pre-set landing page and terms of use box.
  • User account management

  • Creation and management of individual or multiple accounts with different user registration or self-registration options: depending on connection time, recurring users, etc. Possibility of importing and exporting accounts in csv format and social media login option.
  • User profile

  • Possibility of creating rules in order to apply connection restrictions (session limits, expiry times, etc.) to users based on age, gender, language, country, social network, etc. This feature allows targeted marketing and provides a personalized end-user experience.
  • Supplier-oriented: multitenant and multireseller

  • Each provider/client/department/network can have its own separate implementation, thus allowing for better management in all circumstances.
  • Monitoring and analysis

  • Network usage statistics (usage, average and total times). Results displayed in the form of graphs and reports by network, device and date range. Statistics and data on users, access type, operating system, etc.
  • Setup and monitoring by group / device

  • Possibility of defining groups of access points with separate captive portals so that devices with similar characteristics can be more easily configured and monitored.

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