Be.Safe Smart

Be.Safe Smart

Probably the easiest way to offer secure internet connectivity for SMBs and residential markets

Today, regardless of sector, almost all businesses use the Internet in their daily activities. Therefore, there is a rising concern about how employees, customers or students are using the Internet and at what level they are being exposed to multiple threats.

Also, the Internet is opening most small & medium businesses up to more cybersecurity risks, and customers are more worried than ever about their level of exposure. be.SAFE smart provides a smart way to protect 95% of the types of threats any user could find on the market.

be.SAFE smart offers you the capabilities to filter out undesired content according to each institution’s preferences and to monitor productivity, ensuring productivity or the reputation of the business.

 Who could benefit?

be.SAFE smart is especially valuable for SMB owners to enhance their protection against cybersecurity threats or non-business-related usage of the internet.

Also, educational institutions can protect students and detect inadequate internet usage. Transportation businesses, hotels, or restaurants offering Wi-Fi for their customers can avoid inadequate or illegal usage which could impact their image.

be.SAFE smart enables any IT Reseller or Carrier Services Providers (CSP) addressing all these types of customers to provide internet protection services without additional investments, support centers or training programs.

Product Highlights

  • Content Control: 84 categories grouped into 10 families: Ads, dangerous, Free Time, Malware & Threats, Media, Others, Search Engines, Technology, Unwanted Websites, Work.

  • Empowered with a World Leading Threat Intelligence dictionary
  • Whitelist/Blacklist customization
  • Safe Search: Google and Bing
  • Automatic blocking based on Reputation IP and malicious URLs
  • Productivity Analysis
  • DNS and DyN DNS supported

Key Features

    Web Filtering

  • be.SAFE smart is the most user-friendly solution that allows SMBs and residential internet users to control their cybersecurity risks and content policies for their employees and families. The tool is configured by default, where the most damaging categories are blocked but everything can be customized the user decides what kind of content can be address by the users. It’s also included a Blacklist & Whitelisting for fine-tunning options
  • Malware Protection

  • Empowered with a Leading Threat Intelligence dictionary, be.Safe smart can detect, classifies and block automatically the malware threats in the network. The detection of the malware is categorized by the threat nature and the automatic blocking is based on reputation IP and malicious URLs. The dictionary is updated every minute so any malware event that happened in the other side of the world will be updated in your network, no more out-of-date security breaches.
  • Comprehensive Analytics & Productivity feedback

  • Thanks to the widgets, understand what is happening in your network is very easy. It can be detected usage patterns; how many sites were blocked and when and what kind of malware were detected for these sites. In the same way any region can be blocked at any time. Everything is customizable according to the business to protect. Be.Safe smart can be used as a powerful and intuitive security tool in the SMB or as a parental control blocker for websites.
    In addition, be.SAFE smart has a productivity module where can be configured which websites are good for the productivity of the business, so the productivity of the company can be check by one click as well it’s possible to compare daily productivity against average and maximum values for anomalies detection.
  • Omnichannel & User Friendly

  • Be.Safe smart can be consume through the website or mobile APP (Android & IOS). Both channels are available to the user for configure the cybersecurity policies in seconds without deep cybersecurity knowledge. The User interface is easy to understand for the user which can choose to customize the policies or customize it according to their needs. It’s a matter of minutes to have the device secured with be.Safe smart.
  • CPE agnostic

  • Because be.SAFE smart is based on standard DNS and DyN DNS technology, it guarantees compatibility with any device, doesn’t matter if is a firewall, router, access point or even a computer. be.Safe smart can be deployed on any customer's installed base, either residential or SMB one.

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